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My Take on Retouching

Before and after, full portrait
Before and after, full portrait
Before and after retouching,  close up
Before and after retouching, close up

Retouching should look natural. When someone looks at a retouched wedding photograph, they should be looking at a photo that is refined, without massive changes. In this example, Ann is clearly a beautiful lady. Without any retouching, she already looks great!

The following are done to improve the already great photo of a gorgeous bride:

  • Eyes and areas near the eyes  are lightened, additional catch light added to give a sparkle
  • Bags under the eye removed
  • Hairline adjusted for better facial proportion
  • Skin soften
  • Glamour lighting applied on face
  • Dress and flowers adjusted to bring out washed out details
  • Front tooth slightly reshaped
  • Background vignetted slightly

The importance of an engagement photo session

Having an engagement photo session is very common for a wedding couple of have. In addition to having a nice set of photos for the future, it  would also be nice to have a photograph that you can use for the wedding invitation. Another reason maybe to have an engagement portrait to be displayed during the wedding, as well as using the photos from the session for a video presentation.

There is another reason that I think, as a wedding photographer, that an engagement photo session  is really important. This is the time when the wedding couple can get acquainted with their photographer from the important perspective of how he takes photos. In the one hour or so during the session, the you will be able to see how sets up poses for example. You will also get a sense of timing. And the nice thing, this all happens in an environment that will be more casual and relaxing.

For me, as the photographer,  this is a really great time for me to be able to “teach” you on how to pose. I will take this opportunity to consider the various angles. The numerous photos I will take will give me a chance to learn about you as a couple,  which I will use during the wedding. The nice thing is that during that wedding day, we will already know each other.



Ok, it is not about wedding. But now you know what I look like :-)

This is me playing the Chopin Prelude in A Major.  When you are on  the internet, it is really hard to really get to know who you are dealing with, especially when the initial contact is a web site that you found on more likely, a search in Google. So this video will actually put a face with the person.  It is important that you get to know your photographer when choosing one for your wedding, and that is regardless of price.