My Take on Retouching – more extensive facial shaping



This is an example of a more extensive photo retouching, involving facial reshaping.

As you can see, Veronica is very pretty. Her smile just radiate such wonderful energy. I really felt that the lens in this case did not give her justice!  While telephoto lens in general create nice perspectives on portraits such as this, the long focal length in this case made her face flatter and wider than it is in real life. She has nice facial lines which did not show on the original. Reshaping her face slightly is definitely warranted.

I made her face slightly thinner, while keeping it natural, to compensate for what “damage” the lens did. I also reduced the slight double chin. That is about as far as I would take as far as “extensive” photo retouching is concerned. Once again, while her facial structure is being altered, the goal again is to add refinement to the bridal wedding portrait. Looking at the before and after, this is clearly the same person. Just looking at the final portrait, one would hardly know that anything was done at all.

The rest of the retouching is the basics including:

  • Selective exposure adjustments
  • Eyes and areas near the eyes lightened, additional catch light added to give a sparkle
  • Smile lines reduced slightly
  • Skin softened
  • Glamour lighting applied on face
  • Dress and flowers adjusted to bring out washed out details
  • Background vignetted slightly
  • Arm and dress reshaped

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